La La Land (Belmont)
A big-screen musical spectacular starring Gosling and Stone
24/01/2017 To 02/02/2017
Sully (Belmont)
The Miracle on the Hudson comes to the big screen
24/01/2017 To 02/02/2017
Lion (Belmont)
Powerful, uplifting and based on a true story
24/01/2017 To 02/02/2017
The Edge of Seventeen (Belmont)
Whip-smart teen comedy
24/01/2017 To 26/01/2017
T2 Trainspotting (Belmont)
Choose Aberdeen, choose Belmont, choose T2
27/01/2017 To 09/02/2017
The Lego Movie (Belmont)
Belmont Filmhouse Junior
28/01/2017 11:00
The Fog Of Srebrenica (Belmont)
Plus Q&A with director Samir Mahanovic, chaired by David Hamilton.
29/01/2017 15:15
ROH Live: Il Trovatore
Royal Opera House Live
31/01/2017 19:15
Live by Night (Belmont)
Ben Affleck directs and stars in this prohibition-era gangland tale
03/02/2017 To 12/02/2017
Manchester by the Sea (Belmont)
Casey Affleck stars in this emotive drama from award-winning writer Kenneth Lonergan
03/02/2017 To 09/02/2017
Moana (Belmont)
Belmont Filmhouse Junior
04/02/2017 11:00
Split (Belmont)
Kevin has 23 different personalities… so far.
10/02/2017 To 16/02/2017
Jackie (Belmont)
A captivating vision of Jacqueline Bouvier Kennedy
10/02/2017 To 16/02/2017
Taxi Driver (Belmont)
Martin Scorsese
10/02/2017 To 14/02/2017
Napoleon (Belmont)
Abel Gance's restored epic screens for one day only
11/02/2017 11:00
Pete's Dragon (Belmont)
Belmont Filmhouse Junior
11/02/2017 11:00
Moana (Belmont Half Term)
Filmhouse Junior
13/02/2017 To 14/02/2017
Finding Dory (Belmont Half Term)
Half Term
13/02/2017 To 15/02/2017
Candyman (Belmont)
In-Person Discussion with director Bernard Rose, followed by Director's Cut screening
13/02/2017 18:00
Akira (Belmont)
Neo-Tokyo is about to explode!
13/02/2017 20:40
Kubo and the Two Strings (Belmont Half Term)
Half Term
14/02/2017 To 15/02/2017
Her (Belmont)
14/02/2017 18:00
Casablanca (Belmont)
Still a classic, as time goes by
14/02/2017 18:15
Raging Bull (Belmont)
Martin Scorsese
15/02/2017 To 16/02/2017
Ghost in the Shell (Belmont)
Classic anime featuring iconic cyborg cop Kusanagi
15/02/2017 To 16/02/2017
3D Animation In 2D (7 - 12 Years)
Education Workshop
17/02/2017 10:30
The Founder (Belmont)
Michael Keaton as the man who created a fast food empire
17/02/2017 To 02/03/2017
Toni Erdmann (Belmont)
A workaholic executive gets a visit from her prankster father and his alter-ego, Toni Erdmann…
17/02/2017 To 23/02/2017
Hacksaw Ridge (Belmont)
A soldier who wouldn't fight, a story that beggars belief.
17/02/2017 To 23/02/2017
Hugo (Belmont)
Set in 1930s Paris, an orphan who lives in a train station finds himself on an adventure when searching for clues about his family…
18/02/2017 11:00
Loving (Belmont)
Ruth Negga and Joel Edgerton play a couple fighting against discrimination laws
24/02/2017 To 02/03/2017
The King of Comedy (Belmont)
Martin Scorsese
24/02/2017 To 25/02/2017
Ballerina (Belmont)
Belmont Filmhouse Junior
25/02/2017 11:00
The Pass (Belmont)
Over the Rainbow
25/02/2017 To 26/02/2017
Varg Veum - Cold Hearts (Belmont)
Granite Noir
26/02/2017 18:00
Easy Money (Belmont)
Granite Noir
27/02/2017 20:30
Jar City (Belmont)
Granite Noir
28/02/2017 18:00
ROH Live: The Sleeping Beauty
Royal Opera House Live
28/02/2017 19:00
Goodfellas (Belmont)
Martin Scorsese
01/03/2017 To 02/03/2017
Ziggy Stardust & the Spiders from Mars
Iconic Bowie documentary back on-screen for one night only
07/03/2017 20:30
Moon (Belmont)
14/03/2017 18:00
ROH Live: Madama Butterfly
Royal Opera House Live
30/03/2017 19:15
NT Live: Twelfth Night
NT Live
06/04/2017 19:00
NT Live: Angels in America Part 1, Millennium Approaches
National Theatre Live
20/07/2017 19:00
NT Live: Angels in America Part 2, Perestroika
National Theatre Live
27/07/2017 19:00