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Victim (Belmont)
A classic 1960s thriller that smashed social taboos
25/08/2017 To 28/08/2017
Prick Up Your Ears (Belmont)
Stephen Frears directs the tender, tragic tale of playwright Joe Orton
01/09/2017 To 03/09/2017
Close Encounters of The Third Kind (Belmont)
Classic Spielberg sci-fi fable turns 40 this year
15/09/2017 To 20/09/2017
The Breakfast Club (Belmont)
We love John Hughes
27/09/2017 20:45
Weird Science (Belmont)
We love John Hughes
04/10/2017 20:45
Wayne's World (Belmont)
Aberdeen Comedy Festival 2017
10/10/2017 20:45
Ferris Bueller's Day Off (Belmont)
We Love John Hughes
11/10/2017 20:45