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The Red Turtle (Belmont)
Poignant and evocative animated feature - co-produced by Studio Ghibli
22/06/2017 To 29/06/2017
My Cousin Rachel (Belmont)
The taut Du Maurier mystery returns to our screens in this fine remake
22/06/2017 To 29/06/2017
Cezanne and I (Belmont)
A tale of friendship and friction between two great artists
23/06/2017 To 27/06/2017
Berlin Syndrome (Belmont)
A holiday romance-turned-kidnapping...
23/06/2017 To 29/06/2017
Diary of a Wimpy Kid: The Long Haul (Belmont)
Filmhouse Junior
24/06/2017 11:00
Machines (Belmont)
Incredibly shot doc that leads us through the bowels of a massive Indian factory
27/06/2017 To 29/06/2017
Baby Driver (Belmont)
Buckle up for Edgar Wright's new heist caper
28/06/2017 To 13/07/2017
A Man Called Ove (Belmont)
A Swedish curmudgeon gets some new neighbours...
30/06/2017 To 06/07/2017
My Life As a Courgette (Belmont)
Impressive, affecting stop-motion animation - screening both subtitled and dubbed versions
30/06/2017 To 08/07/2017
Whitney 'Can I Be Me' (Belmont)
The triumph and tragedy of the late, great Whitney Houston
04/07/2017 To 06/07/2017
Kedi (Belmont)
07/07/2017 To 13/07/2017
Jawbone (Belmont)
12/07/2017 To 13/07/2017
The Midwife (Belmont)
14/07/2017 To 20/07/2017
The Beguiled (Belmont)
14/07/2017 To 27/07/2017
Handsome Devil (Belmont)
15/07/2017 To 16/07/2017
Dunkirk (Belmont)
21/07/2017 To 17/08/2017
The Big Sick (Belmont)
28/07/2017 To 10/08/2017
David Lynch - The Art Life (Belmont)
04/08/2017 To 06/08/2017
City of Ghosts (Belmont)
07/08/2017 To 10/08/2017