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The Odyssey (Belmont)
Jacques Cousteau's life aquatic
19/08/2017 To 24/08/2017
Dunkirk (Belmont)
19/08/2017 To 24/08/2017
Song to Song (Belmont)
A new musically-infused film from American master, Terrence Malick
19/08/2017 To 24/08/2017
Maudie (Belmont)
Sally Hawkins is tremendous in this touching biopic
19/08/2017 To 31/08/2017
An Inconvenient Sequel: Truth To Power (Belmont)
An energy revolution is coming…
19/08/2017 To 24/08/2017
England Is Mine (Belmont)
Jack Lowden is Morrissey before The Smiths
25/08/2017 To 31/08/2017
Detroit (Belmont)
Kathryn Bigelow's new film, set in the midst of the 1967 Detriot riots
25/08/2017 To 07/09/2017
In This Corner of The World (Belmont)
Remarkable new Japanese animated drama, set in the 1930s/40s
25/08/2017 To 31/08/2017
Hotel Salvation (Belmont)
Check in before you check out
01/09/2017 To 07/09/2017
A Ghost Story (Belmont)
Unique, moving and haunting vision from David Lowery
01/09/2017 To 07/09/2017
Shin Godzilla (Belmont)
The King of the Monsters is back!
01/09/2017 To 04/09/2017
Williams (Belmont)
The story of the rise, fall and survival of F1's famous family
05/09/2017 To 07/09/2017
Wind River (Belmont)
Taylor Sheridan's Wyoming thriller starring, Elizabeth Olsen and Jeremy Renner
08/09/2017 To 21/09/2017
God's Own Country (Belmont)
Award-winning Yorkshire story of love and longing
08/09/2017 To 14/09/2017
Final Portrait (Belmont)
Stanley Tucci directs this entertaining tale of an art critic's portrait sitting…
08/09/2017 To 14/09/2017
Tom of Finland (Belmont)
Fascinating portrait of a gay icon
08/09/2017 To 13/09/2017
Cars 3 (Belmont)
Belmont Junior
09/09/2017 11:00
Victoria and Abdul (Belmont)
Judi Dench reprises her role as Queen Victoria in Stephen Frears' latest
15/09/2017 To 28/09/2017
Logan Lucky (Belmont)
Steven Soderbergh's return to cinema is a smart, entertaining heist story
22/09/2017 To 28/09/2017
The Untamed (Belmont)
Bizarre and outrageous Mexican body-horror mystery
22/09/2017 To 28/09/2017
Insyriated (Belmont)
A family barricade themselves in, as war rages on the streets outside
22/09/2017 To 28/09/2017