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Their Finest (Belmont)
Charming WWII drama starring Gemma Arterton, Sam Claflin and Bill Nighy.
30/04/2017 To 04/05/2017
Tanna (Belmont)
Mesmerising drama performed in one of the last surviving tribal societies.
30/04/2017 To 01/05/2017
The Sense of An Ending (Belmont)
Broadbent shines in this superb adapation of Julian Barnes' novel.
30/04/2017 To 04/05/2017
Get Out (Belmont)
Brilliant, biting satirical horror from debut director Jordan Peele.
30/04/2017 To 04/05/2017
The Handmaiden (Belmont)
Twisting intrigue and erotic tension in the latest from Korean master Park Chan-wook.
30/04/2017 To 01/05/2017
Neruda (Belmont)
Senator, poet, bigamist, fugitive, Neruda.
02/05/2017 To 04/05/2017
Bunch of Kunst (Belmont)
Insightful documentary on incendiary contemporary punk duo Sleaford Mods.
02/05/2017 To 04/05/2017
Mindhorn (Belmont)
It's truth time!
05/05/2017 To 18/05/2017
I Am Not Your Negro (Belmont)
Profound and powerful documentary based on the writings of James Baldwin.
05/05/2017 To 11/05/2017
The Eyes Of My Mother (Belmont)
Haunting horror screening from only existing 35mm print.
09/05/2017 To 10/05/2017
Alien: Covenant (Belmont)
A colony ship lands on a lush, uncharted planet… is this truly paradise?
12/05/2017 To 25/05/2017
Lady Macbeth (Belmont)
Florence Pugh is tremendous in this psychological powerhouse of a period drama.
12/05/2017 To 18/05/2017
Personal Shopper (Belmont)
Kristen Stewart is looking for a sign from beyond the grave…
19/05/2017 To 25/05/2017
Heal The Living (Belmont)
Three parallel stories, woven together, as life hangs in the balance.
19/05/2017 To 25/05/2017
Suntan (Belmont)
A sun-drenched resort, beautiful young women and a middle-aged doctor.
19/05/2017 To 22/05/2017