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Christine (Belmont)
Christine (Belmont)
In 1974 on live TV news, the unthinkable happened…
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  • Cert: 15 – Contains strong language, suicide scene
    Antonio Campos / UK/USA 2016 / 1h59m / Digital
    Cast: Rebecca Hall, Michael C. Hall, Tracy Letts.
    Based on the notorious story of Christine Chubbuck, the Florida reporter who shot and killed herself live on air in 1974, 'Christine' is a gracefully handled retelling of a story which is no less disturbing more than 40 years on.The brilliant Rebecca Hall gives possibly the performance of her career as a desperate woman on the verge, while director Antonio Campos explores the last days of the reporter’s life with real sensitivity, suggesting Chubbuck’s frosty on-air disposition, and spectacular cry for help, stemmed from an inability to connect with people.