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Daughters of the Dust
Restoration of this still-remarkable film from Julie Dash
A classic 1960s thriller that smashed taboos
28/07/2017 To 30/07/2017
E.T. The Extra-Terrestrial
Filmhouse Junior
06/08/2017 11:00
The Night of The Hunter
Special screening to commemorate the 100th anniversary of Robert Mitchum's birth
06/08/2017 21:00
The 39 Steps
House Guest: Ian Rankin
09/08/2017 18:10
Screening from a glorious 35mm print
11/08/2017 To 24/08/2017
The Sound of Music
Filmhouse Junior
13/08/2017 11:00
Pacino vs De Niro, back on our screens for one night only
13/08/2017 19:45
The Battle of Algiers
Nolan's Inspiration
14/08/2017 20:30
Senior Selections: Babette's Feast
Senior Selections
15/08/2017 13:00
Peter Watkins takes a documentary camera crew onto the battlefield at Culloden in 1746.
15/08/2017 18:00
The Long Good Friday
House Guest: Ian Rankin
16/08/2017 18:00
Nolan's Inspiration
Join us as we celebrate the 100th anniversary of Wilfred Owen's time in Edinburgh
17/08/2017 17:45
My Neighbour Totoro
A Studio Ghibli masterpiece from Hayao Miyazaki.
20/08/2017 11:00
All Quiet on the Western Front
Nolan's Inspiration
21/08/2017 18:10
Intolerance: Love's Struggle Throughout the Ages
Nolan's Inspiration
23/08/2017 19:00
Senior Selections: Potiche
Senior Selections
29/08/2017 13:20
Prick Up Your Ears
Stephen Frears directs the tender, tragic tale of playwright Joe Orton
30/08/2017 To 31/08/2017