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François Ozon directs this poignant and revelatory inter-war drama
23/05/2017 To 25/05/2017
Lady Macbeth
Florence Pugh is tremendous in this psychological powerhouse of a period drama
23/05/2017 To 01/06/2017
Before the world famous race team, there was the man
25/05/2017 To 27/05/2017
Citizen Jane
Insightful doc on the woman who fought for the New York city-dweller
26/05/2017 To 29/05/2017
The Other Side of Hope
Aki Kaurismäki's humane, funny refugee drama is a cinematic marvel
26/05/2017 To 08/06/2017
Smouldering drama about a family, a stranger and a secret…
29/05/2017 To 01/06/2017
Incredibly shot doc that leads us through the bowels of a massive Indian factory
02/06/2017 To 08/06/2017
Letters from Baghdad
The life of the 'female Lawrence of Arabia', in her own words
02/06/2017 To 08/06/2017
Isabelle Huppert is simply incredible in this tense, psychological thriller.
02/06/2017 To 08/06/2017
My Cousin Rachel
The taut Daphne Du Maurier mystery returns to our screens in this fine remake
09/06/2017 To 06/07/2017
The Red Turtle
Poignant and evocative animated feature - co-produced by Studio Ghibli
09/06/2017 To 15/06/2017
After the Storm
Japanese master Hirokazu Koreeda returns with a strange, bittersweet drama
16/06/2017 To 19/06/2017
Stockholm My Love
A woman dwells on a painful memory as she roams the streets of Stockholm - Q&A on Mon 19 Jun
16/06/2017 To 21/06/2017
A Man Called Ove
A Swedish curmudgeon gets some new neighbours…
03/07/2017 To 06/07/2017
My Life as a Courgette
Impressive, affecting stop-motion animation - screening both subtitled and dubbed versions
03/07/2017 To 06/07/2017