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2D & Deranged xxx
2D & Deranged xxx
Dead by Dawn - Scotland's international horror film festival
  • 18
  • Sun 23 Apr only
    Cert: 18
    Animation to make your jaw drop! One man’s nightmares are made flesh in extraordinary detail guaranteed to invade your own dreams; there’s highly critical and unhealthy oedipal advice, amphibians take full advantage of a pool party; the overlords of a totalitarian insect regime are targeted by the resistance and some gently curved metal will break your heart. You may never be able to use wire-cutters again.
    Mad God PT I
    Phil Tippett • USA 2014 • 12m • 18
    'Mad God' parts I & II are animated films set in a Miltonesque world of monsters, mad scientists, and warpigs. Directed by legendary visual effects and stop-motion craftsman Phil Tippett, the sets, creatures, and spirit of the film are macabre, punctured, and bleeding.
    Mad God PT II
    Phil Tippett • USA 2015 • 15m • 18
    Kevin McGuiness • Canada 2016 • 4m • Digital • 18
    In the dimly lit parlour of an old Victorian home, a timid son carries on a conversation with his elderly mother, asking for her advice about a mysterious young woman.
    Alex Chauvet, Anna Le Danois, Quentin Foulon, Fabien Glasse, Juliette Jean, Julie Narat • France 2017 • 8m • Digital • No dialogue • 18
    Dominated by an totalitarian insect regime, the staff of a smart restaurant organizes a plot to knock down the established order.
    Down to the Wire
    Juan Carlos Mostaza • Spain 2016 • 13m • Digital • No dialogue • 18
    A father and his daughter are surprised at their rural farm by a visit from a threatening stranger. He has designs on the young girl but all will not go as planned..
    Garden Party
    Théophile Dufresne, Florian Babikian, Gabriel Grapperon, Lucas Navarro, Vincent Bayoux, Victor Claire • 2017 • 8m • Digital • No dialogue • 18