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Accidental Exorcist
Accidental Exorcist
Dead by Dawn - Scotland's international horror film festival
  • 18
  • Cert: 18
    Daniel Falicki / USA 2016 / 1h45m / Digital
    Cast: Daniel Falicki, Faye Sills, Sherryl Despres, David Higbee.
    Writer/director Daniel Faliki plays Richard Vanuk, a man cursed with the power to exorcize demons from possessed souls, but at great cost to himself. Faliki is charismatic as hell, all dry wit and casual aloofness as he carries a film with such a nihilistic narrative. Being a possession movie, it is definitely not for the squeamish - much regurgitation is regurgitated. It is, however, refreshing to see someone do something with the genre that’s different and if you have the stomach for it, I think you’ll be surprised too.'
    From a review by Mark L Miller for Ain’t It Cool News'