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Aces High
  • PG
  • FIL10055329R78787994
  • Aces High
    Cert: PG – Contains mild language, war horror and sex references.
    Jack Gold / UK/France 1976 / 1h54m / Digital / English, French and German with English subtitles
    Cast: Malcolm McDowell, Christopher Plummer, Simon Ward, Peter Firth, David Wood, John Gielgud, Trevor Howard.
    Shifting R. C. Sheriff's play 'Journey's End' from the trenches to the skies, 'Aces High' follows the story of naive young officer Croft (Peter Firth) who, fresh out of school, arrives on the Western Front ready to join the airborne fight against the Germans. Arriving in the squadron of the struggling alcoholic Major Gresham (Malcolm McDowell) - his former House Captain at school and the boyfriend of his older sister - Croft soon learns the harsh realities of life on the front and intense pressures placed on his commanding officer.