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Another Time, Another Place
Another Time, Another Place
Folk Film Gathering 2017
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  • Cert: 15
    Michael Radford / UK 1983 / 1h42m / Digital
    Cast: Phyllis Logan, Giovanni Mauriello, Denise Coffey, Tom Watson, Gianluca Favilla.
    Based on the novel by Jessie Kesson, this unsung classic of Scottish cinema explores the tensions in a remote rural community during World War II. A shy housewife constrained by a loveless marriage and a life of hard labour, Janie’s world is turned upside down by the arrival of three Italian prisoners of war, awakening in her a new sense of passion and possibility. Featuring a wealth of Scots and Italian folk song, Oscar-nominated Michael Radford’s debut feature is a sensitive portrayal of conflicted experience within a close-knit rural community.

    Preceded with folk songs from the East Coast of Scotland where the film was shot, sung by Steve Byrne (Malinky).