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Peter Watkins takes a documentary camera crew onto the battlefield at Culloden in 1746.
  • 12A
  • Cert: 12
    Peter Watkins / UK 1964 / 1h9m / Digital / English and Scottish Gaelic with English subtitles
    Cast: Tony Gosgrove, George McBean, Don Fairservice, Robert Oates.
    In his debut feature, Peter Watkins imagines a documentary film crew covering the Battle of Culloden. This ground-breaking film conveys an incredible amount of political and historical information within a humanistic, gripping narrative. A detailed study of the 1746 battle and the ensuing brutal suppression of the Highland Scots, 'Culloden' draws much of its analysis and voice-over narration from the history book of the same name by John Prebble, and presented a radical political statement at the time - particularly in the shadow of the ongoing Vietnam War.