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Italian Film Festival 2018
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  • FIL10055151R17057440
  • L'equilibrio
    Cert: 15
    Vincenzo Marra / Italy 2017 / 1h30m / Digital / Italian with English subtitles
    Cast: Mimmo Borrelli, Roberto del Gaudio, Lucio Giannetti, Giuseppe D'Ambrosio, Francesca Zazzera.
    Writer-director Vincenzo Marra ('Sailing Home', 'The Trial Begins') had long been interested in making a documentary on the work of anti-mafia priests in his native Campania but found that the story was best told in fiction form. The director’s lean, fittingly stark fourth feature sees Giuseppe (Mimmo Borelli) return to his hometown to replace fellow priest Antonio (Roberto Del Gaudio). Once he finds out about the impact of organised crime on the local community, Giuseppe cannot help but intervene.