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Howards End
  • PG
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  • Howards End
    Cert: PG – Contains mild sex references, infrequent mild violence.
    James Ivory / UK/Japan/USA 1992 / 2h20m / Digital / English and German with English subtitles
    Cast: Anthony Hopkins, Vanessa Redgrave, Helena Bonham Carter, Joseph Bennett, Emma Thompson, Prunella Scales.
    This is the third Merchant/Ivory/E.M. Forster adaptation, and by far their best: visually charming as expected, finely detailed, mature and well cast... It is a tale of conflicting values, the Schlegel family versus the Wilcoxes. The former care about civilised living, music, literature and conversation, whereas the latter are concered with the business side of life, distrusting emotion and imagination - 'Marcin Miller, City Limits'.'Howards End' is not a celebratory, nostalgic film: on the contrary, like E. M. Forster's source novel, it's a complex, unsentimental, intellectually meaty piece. And while its debates are of their period (1910), you're constantly reminded of how topical and contested they continue to be. - 'The Independent' (original brochure blurb)