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It's Over, Rover
It's Over, Rover
Dead by Dawn - Scotland's international horror film festival
  • 18
  • Cert: 18
    Pets provide us with companionship and love; they lower our blood pressure and help us live longer. Shame it’s such a one-way street, really. A fisherman’s wildest catch doesn’t respond too well captivity; one man’s devotion to his faithful hound spirals out of control; kindness oversees an entire menagerie of misfortune and a cat fits nine lifetimes of adventure into one short, surprising existence.

    The Man Who Caught a Mermaid
    Kaitlin Tinker • Australia 2016 • 15m • Digital • 18
    A senior fisherman is obsessed with capturing a mermaid and spends his days fishing and training extensively for a possible life in the sea.

    The Dog (Hunden)
    Hallvard Holmen, Aleksander Nordaas • Norway 2016 • 11m • Digital • Norwegian with English subtitles • 18
    A little girl happens to be in the wrong place at the wrong time and bears witness to something unthinkable. What else can she do but tell the truth of what she’s seen?

    Amy Nicholson • USA 2016 • 16m • Digital • 18
    'Pickle' is an ode to man's capacity to care for all creatures throughout their sometimes greatly protracted existence until their occasionally sudden and unfortunate demise.

    Madam Black
    Ivan Barge • New Zealand 2015 • 12m • Digital • 18
    A photographer has an unfortunate accident on his way home and makes some unusual – some would say terrible – decisions about how best to handle the situation.