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Dead by Dawn Horror Film Festival
  • 18
  • FIL10054951R22954194
  • Cert: 18

    Michael Peterson / Canada 2018 / 1h29m / Digital

    Cast: Lucas Villacis, Michael Ironside, Kathleen Munroe, Munro Chambers.

    Henry’s parents are good people and want to protect him from any unpleasantness.  With a funeral to go to, they decide to leave him with his grandfather for a few days. In the middle of nowhere. In a storm.
    Grandpa Jacob takes one look and decides Henry isn’t just a grandson, he’s free labour for the farm. Five minutes after his parents leave for the airport, poor Henry’s shovelling manure and carrying logs.
    There’s stuff going on Henry can’t quite fathom but Grandpa Jacob has secrets to keep....