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Latcho Drom
Latcho Drom
Folk Film Gathering 2017
  • PG
  • Cert: PG
    Tony Gatlif / 1993 / 1h43m / Digital / French, Romany, Turkish, Slovak, Hungarian, Arabic and Spanish with English subtitles
    A one-of-a-kind ‘folk musical’, Tony Gatlif’s cinematic masterpiece celebrates Romany music traditions from their roots in Rajasthan and Egypt to their new homes and journeys across Europe. Part road-movie, part rhapsodic community portrait, and all-parts Romany musical show-case, Latcho Drom is one of the great works of cinema: a true epic in its scope, generosity and humanity. Don’t miss it.

    Preceded by a live performance of Scots Traveller songs from Jess Smith.