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Midnight Double Dekker
Midnight Double Dekker
Dead by Dawn - Scotland's international horror film festival
  • 18
  • Cert: 18
    Steve Miner • USA 1985 • 1h33m

    Roger Cobb is a horror novelist, and Vietnam vet whose career has hit a slump since the disappearance of his son. When his aunt dies, Roger decides to move into her house, even though it’s the place where his son went missing. Desperate to get some work done on his book, Roger is instantly haunted by the house as it threatens his sanity with visions of the demons in his life.
    The Monster Squad
    Fred Dekker • USA 1987 • 1h22m • 35mm • English and German with English subtitles

    It all starts in the distant past as Van Helsing puts the finishing touch on Dracula by having a virgin recite a spell in front of an amulet that opens a portal to limbo and sucks everyone up. Flash forward to the '80s where a group of young kids realize that real monsters have descended on their town to find the amulet, destroy it and change the balance of good and evil allowing monsters to rule the world. This is their cue to form 'The Monster Squad'!