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Mon Mon Mon Monsters
Dead by Dawn Horror Film Festival
  • 18
  • FIL10055083R93076656

  • Cert: 18

    Giddens Ko / Taiwan 2017 / 1h53m / Digital / Mandarin with English subtitles

    Cast: Yu-Kai Teng, Kent Tsai, Eugenie Liu, James Lai.

    A trio of bullies makes Lin’s life miserable on a daily basis. Forced into community service with his tormentors, the teens come across a creature we’ve previously witnessed feasting on the flesh of a homeless person. They take her to their hangout, tie her up, and take turns torturing her..
    Luckily for the monster she has someone else in her corner — her older sister - who’s stronger and every bit as carnivorous and now on the hunt for her sibling and the humans who’ve taken her.