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Monster Family
  • PG
  • FIL10054225R32672000
  • Monster Family
    Cert: PG – Contains mild violence, infrequent mild bad language.
    Holger Tappe / Germany/UK 2017 / 1h33m / Digital
    With the voices of Emily Watson, Jason Isaacs, Nick Frost, Jessica Brown Findlay, Celia Imrie, Catherine Tate.
    The bickering Wishbone family get turned into monsters when mom Emma (Emily Watson) falls foul of an evil witch. Dad (Nick Frost) becomes a flatulent Frankenstein, daughter Fay (Jessica Brown Findlay) mutates into a mummy, son Max (Ethan Rouse) is bitten by a werewolf bug while Emma is transformed into a vampire. To reverse the curse and return to human form they must show they can happily get along... but Dracula (Jason Isaacs) has other ideas.