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Now Wash Your Hands
Now Wash Your Hands
Dead by Dawn - Scotland's international horror film festival
  • 18
  • Cert: 18
    In life there’s always the potential for love, for joy, for personal growth, for a cosmic epiphany. But life is messy... sticky...sometimes ankle-deep in entrails. Between an abbatoir and a brothel things get confusing; a teenage girl gives herself to her boyfriend and is surprised at what she gets in return; a man swallows a bug while out running but the bug does not die and a surfeit of mucus inspires the arrogant worms.
    La Voce
    David Uloth • Canada 2015 • 23m • Digital • French with English subtitles
    Edgar works in slaughterhouse that kills pigs on an industrial scale. He loves his job. He loves to sing opera, despite his awful voice. And above all he loves Ginette, the stripper of his dreams.
    I Want You Inside Me
    Alice Shindelar • USA 2016 • 13m • Digital
    A modern day Grimm's fairy tale, this is the story of an introverted teenage girl who loses both her virginity and her boyfriend in one tumultuous afternoon.
    When Susurrus Stirs
    Anthony Cousins • USA 2016 • 10m • Digital
    Guaranteed to put you right off your lunch, this is the story of a man who becomes host to something ancient. He has little choice but to allow himself to be seduced by his charming parasite.
    The River
    Leo Wieser • Canada 2016 • 3m • Digital
    Rivers flow - sometimes fast, sometimes slow. It’s hard to dam the flow, sometimes it’s just too powerful and there’s nothing you can do.