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Rainbow: A Private Affair
Italian Film Festival 2018
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  • FIL10055287R73349736
  • Rainbow: una questione privata
    Cert: 15
    Paolo Taviani / Italy 2017 / 1h24m / Digital / Italian with English subtitles
    Cast: Lorenzo Richelmy, Luca Marinelli, Valentina Bellè, Alessandro Sperduti, Francesca Agostini.
    Thirty-five years after their 1982 masterpiece 'The Night of Shooting Stars', Tuscan filmmakers Paolo and Vittorio Taviani return to the subject of WWII with a characteristically intelligent adaptation of a 1963 novel by Beppe Fenoglio, one of Italy’s most important chroniclers of the anti-fascist resistance. Shot largely in Piedmont, the film tells of two partisans - Milton (Luca Marinelli) and Giorgio (Lorenzo Richelmy) - and their love for the same woman, Fulvia (Valentina Bellè).