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Dead by Dawn Horror Film Festival
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  • FIL10055055R84770237
  • Cert: 18
    Darrell Roodt / South Africa 2018 / 1h26m / Digital
    Cast: Reine Swart, Thandi Puren, Brandon Auret, Dorothy Ann Gould.
    After a massive fight with her mother, Chloe leaves home, swearing never to return. When she reappears without warning, she’s heavily pregnant and is forced to move back in with mum.After baby Liam is born, Chloe sinks into depression, struggling to adapt to the emotional rigors of new motherhood. She claims to see a woman lurking around the home who she fears may attempt to harm her baby.'The Lullaby', haunting and macabre throughout, is also tragically emotional in its conclusion.'From a review by Jeannie Blue for'