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Dead by Dawn Horror Film Festival
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  • Cert: 18

    Florian Habicht / Australia/New Zealand 2017 / 1h30m / Digital

    Cast: Claudia Aiono, Huia Apiata, Barbara Armstrong, Juneen Borkent, Jacob Graham.

    Beth and Andy Watson are the kindly co-founders of Spookers, a family-run scare park in New Zealand.
    It’s housed at Kingseat, a former psychiatric hospital. Deborah, a former patient at the institute, expresses her fear that such an attraction will further stigmatise people with mental health issues, while acknowledging that she’s not really the intended audience. Director Florian Habicht doesn’t allow these concerns to fall on deaf ears, providing the house’s performers with a chance to reflect on the potentially upsetting implications of their work.
    'Spookers' is a heartfelt celebration of strangeness rather than a mockery of it.

    'From a review by Matt Fagerholm for'