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The Passionate Thief
Italian Film Festival 2018
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  • FIL10001545R47554950
  • Risate di gioia
    Cert: 15
    Mario Monicelli / Italy 1960 / 1h46m / Digital / Italian
    Cast: Anna Magnani, Totò, Ben Gazzara.
    Screened to mark the 120th and 110th birthdays of two undisputed icons of 20th century Italian culture, 'Risate di Gioia' unites Neapolitan comic actor Totò and Roman acting legend Anna Magnani in a fizzy comic caper set against the backdrop of New Year celebrations in the Italian capital. Director Mario Monicelli ('I soliti ignoti') shot the film over the course of forty nights between May and July 1960, and it also features an early role for John Cassavetes regular Ben Gazzara.