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The Wild Blue Yonder
The Wild Blue Yonder
Herzog of the Month.
  • PG
  • Cert: PG – Contains one suicide reference.
    Werner Herzog / Germany/France/Austria/UK 2005 / 1h21m / DigitalCast: Brad Dourif, Donald Williams, Ellen Baker, Franklin Chang-Diaz, Shannon Lucid.
    Most of Werner Herzog's lead characters could plausibly tell you "Where I come from is the wild blue yonder", but this one (played by Brad Dourif) means it literally. As on-screen narrator of this ‘science fiction fantasy', Dourif offers a rueful, embittered and often very funny account of his species' journey, a century or so back, from their dying planet in the Andromeda system to Earth, where their grand plans for the establishment of a new civilisation foundered.