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  • 12A
  • FIL10054433R64789945
  • Cert: 12A – Contains infrequent strong language, moderate sex, violence.
    Valeska Grisebach / Germany/Bulgaria/Austria 2017 / 2h1m / Digital / German, Bulgarian and English with English subtitles
    Cast: Meinhard Neumann, Reinhardt Wetrek, Syuleyman Alilov Letifov, Veneta Fragnova, Viara Borisova.
    A group of German construction workers find themselves out on a job in rural Bulgaria - following the work, chasing the money, out on the modern-day frontier. While they find they're not particularly welcome with the locals, it's among themselves where the real hostility quietly lurks. With an unsentimental approach and an array of impressive performances from non-professional actors at its forefront, Valeksa Grisebach's film is a piercingly human and natural portrait of the toxic side of masculinity and the complexity of identity.