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What You Make It xx
What You Make It xx
Dead by Dawn - Scotland's international horror film festival.
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  • Cert: 18
    Not exactly horror films, but quite definitely horror stories.
    A little boy afraid to die gets some perspective from a very unlikely friend; a body dump takes on a whole new meaning; perfect lives unravel in bizarre ways; a child's animal cruelty doesn't go unnoticed and then there's two wildly different views on what it takes to play a corpse.
    Upside Down Feeling
    Eddie White Australia 2015 10m Digital
    Arthur is a young boy with a wild imagination who develops a preoccupation with death. His obsession with mortality isn't helped by watching scary movies but he soon finds help from a most unlikely source.
    Der Simulant
    Divina Hasselmann, Esther Niemeier Germany 2016 7m Digital German with English subtitles
    Since there are no roles left that could still challenge him, Simon is an actor who now specialises in playing dead people. He is very proud of his attention to detail.
    Juan Silva Spain 2016 5m Digital Spanish with English subtitles
    Two men are on their way to complete a job that's taken the best part of the night, but as the dawn breaks, they come across one last immovable obstacle...
    Greener Grass
    Paul Briganti USA 2015 15m Digital
    In this dark comedy of manners, soccer moms Jill and Lisa seek the approval of their friends at all costs. This surreal world is suburbia through the looking glass.
    What Happened to Her
    Kristy Guevara-Flanagan USA 2016 15m Digital
    Through a compelling commentary Danyi Deats (who played a corpse in the ‘80s cult movie 'River's Edge'), reveals our cultural obsession with images of murdered women in our entertainment.
    Marinus Groothof, Dunja Jocic Serbia/Netherlands 2015 17m Digital
    A bored young boy plays with a pet bird while his mother is busy. He and the bird have a connection which will manifest itself at sunset...