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Barry Jenkins' outstanding awards-contender.
26/03/2017 To 30/03/2017
Isabelle Huppert is simply incredible in this tense, psychological thriller.
27/03/2017 To 30/03/2017
Viceroy's House
A story of unity in a storm of division.
27/03/2017 To 30/03/2017
The Lost City of Z
A classic-style Amazonian adventure - the story of Brit explorer Percy Fawcett.
27/03/2017 To 13/04/2017
The Salesman
Incredible, suspenseful drama from Iran's Asghar Farhadi.
27/03/2017 To 30/03/2017
Certain Women
Subtle, interweaving story starring Kristen Stewart, Michelle Williams and Laura Dern.
31/03/2017 To 03/04/2017
Hidden Figures
The untold story of the brains behind NASA's breakthrough mission.
31/03/2017 To 06/04/2017
Romanian master Cristian Mungiu returns.
31/03/2017 To 06/04/2017
Life, Animated
Autism Awareness Day
02/04/2017 15:10
Is the 'bad boy of ballet' really so bad?
04/04/2017 To 06/04/2017
I Am Not Your Negro
Profound and powerful documentary based on the writings of James Baldwin
07/04/2017 To 13/04/2017
A captivating vision of Jacqueline Bouvier Kennedy
07/04/2017 To 10/04/2017
La La Land
A big-screen musical spectacular starring Gosling and Stone
07/04/2017 To 10/04/2017
Get Out
Brilliant, biting satirical horror from debut director Jordan Peele
07/04/2017 To 13/04/2017
Mad To Be Normal
Featuring post-film Q&A with director Robert Mullan.
07/04/2017 20:15
Powerful, uplifting and based on a true story
11/04/2017 To 13/04/2017
The human race makes first contact...
11/04/2017 To 13/04/2017
The Lego Batman Movie
13/04/2017 To 17/04/2017
The Sense Of An Ending
Broadbent shines in this superb adapation of Julian Barnes' novel
14/04/2017 To 04/05/2017
The Olive Tree
Friday 14 April 6.00pm screening will feature a post-film Q&A.
14/04/2017 To 19/04/2017
The Eyes of My Mother
Haunting horror screening from only existing 35mm print.
14/04/2017 To 16/04/2017
Bunch of Kunst
Insightful documentary on incendiary contemporary punk duo Sleaford Mods.
21/04/2017 To 23/04/2017
Senator, poet, bigamist, fugitive, Neruda.
21/04/2017 To 27/04/2017
A Quiet Passion
Terence Davies' pitch-perfect biopic of American poet Emily Dickinson.
24/04/2017 To 27/04/2017
The Fits
Growing Pains
24/04/2017 18:20
The Student
Searing Russian drama about a radical teen and his fanatical rage.
24/04/2017 To 27/04/2017
The Happiest Day in the Life of Olli Mäki
When a world title fight and true love face off, there can be only one winner...
28/04/2017 To 04/05/2017
The Handmaiden
Twisting intrigue and erotic tension in the latest from Korean master Park Chan-wook.
28/04/2017 To 04/05/2017
A sundrenched resort, beautiful young women and a middle-aged doctor.
29/04/2017 To 04/05/2017
Homo Sapiens
The power of empty abandoned spaces has never been more cinematic.
02/05/2017 To 03/05/2017