Something Different

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Tawai: A Voice From The Forest
Followed by a post-film Q&A featuring Bruce Parry
25/10/2017 18:00
Write Shoot Cut
A showcase of emerging filmmaking talent
26/10/2017 18:00
The Final girls Present: We Are The Weirdos
The best new female voices in horror
29/10/2017 18:10
Nosferatu the Vampyre
Herzog of the Month
31/10/2017 18:00
Lux Scotland Presents: Electro-Pythagorus - A Portrait of Martin Bartlett + Shorts
Followed by Q&A with the filmmaker, Luke Fowler
14/11/2017 18:00
By The Law
A rarely-seen 1926 Soviet Western brought to life with live musical
03/12/2017 15:30