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Fata Morgana
Herzog of the Month
30/03/2017 18:15
Double Bill: Robocop + Starship Troopers
Paul Verhoeven Double Bill
02/04/2017 13:00
Sergeant York
The First World War in Cinema
06/04/2017 18:00
Run Lola Run
Moving Cinema
10/04/2017 18:00
Mulholland Drive
The best film of the 21st Century (so far)
14/04/2017 To 20/04/2017
Even Dwarfs Started Small
Herzog of the Month
16/04/2017 18:00
Mesmerising drama performed in one of the last surviving tribal societies.
18/04/2017 To 20/04/2017
Dead by Dawn Festival Pass 2017
Festival Pass grants access to all Dead by Dawn screenings and events at Filmhouse, from Thursday 20 April to Sunday 23 April.
24/04/2017 04:00
The Happiest Day in the Life of Olli Mäki
When a world title fight and true love face off, there can be only one winner...
28/04/2017 To 04/05/2017
Homo Sapiens
The power of empty abandoned spaces has never been more cinematic.
02/05/2017 To 03/05/2017