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Koyaanisqatsi 24/04/14
Godfrey Reggio USA 1983 1h26m 35mm U This screening will be accompanied by a live musical performance in the cinema from top Edinburgh ensemble Urban Farm Hand.
Dead by Dawn Festival Pass 24/04/14
Cert: 18
Dead by Dawn is a four day horror film festival running in Cinema One at Filmhouse from Thursday 24 to Sunday 27 April 2014. The pass you buy covers you for all screenings and events at the festival, details tbc... Please visit the Dead by Dawn website for more information ( ). Passes go on sale from midday on Tuesday 4th February.
Spawn of Dawn All-Nighter 26/04/14
Cert: 18
All-night 5-movie horror escapade starting at midnight on Saturday 25th April 2014.
Dial M For Murder 05/05/14
Cert: PG Contains one scene of moderate violence
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